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Seniors Express Updates / Version History
(Upgrades are free if you have an active support contract)
Version # Release Date Description of Changes

Billing Module:

  • Large volume update for the Month End Third Party Payer report.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added a new larger font Meal Label 5161B (Sponsored by Wausau Area Mobile Meals).


Accounts Receivable Module:

  • When choosing the "Select Client" Report Scope option on Statements the program will now display all clients in the browse view. Previously, if there were multiple clients with the exact same name, only the first person found would be displayed.

Transportation Module:

  • Added new Compact Driver Log with Odometer option to Print Driver Log report list (Sponsored by Klickitat County Senior Services).

  • Added new Individual Schedule with Driver Signature option to the Individual Driver Log report list (Sponsored by Klickitat County Senior Services).

Volunteer Module:

  • Expanded the size or hours and miles fields on the Work History Record screen.

  • Formatted the Hours and Expenses fields on the Volunteer Miles report to be consistent with similar Volunteer reports.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added a new Bi-Weekly feature to the Meals Calendar (Meal Grid screen). This option can be used for clients that receive meals on the same day every-other-week (Sponsored by CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions).


Congregate Dining Module:

  • Updated code behind the Print button for the Events by Attendee, Events by Site and Get Reservations reports.

Volunteer Module:

  • Updated the code behind the Print button for the Volunteer Schedule and Overview Schedule reports.


Accounts Receivable Module:

  • Increased size of the totals columns on the Aged Receivables report.

  • Increased size of the totals columns on the AR Statements.

Billing Module:

  • Increased size of all the Meal Count and Meal Amount fields on the Month End Meal Counts report.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Additional Avery 5160 Meal Label added that shows less address info and more Dietary Exceptions (Sponsored by Coal Creek Meals on Wheels).

  • Daily Route Card Temporary Header Message text will now "remember" the last entry, saving user setup time (Sponsored by MOW of Asheville & Buncombe County).

Accounts Receivable Module:

  • Old unmatched items will no longer show on the Aged Receivables report if the account balance is zero.

Transportation Module:

  • Added a new 5310 Statistical report to User Custom Reports for HopeSource.



  • Can now delete clients with no client-paid meals on the last 13 months.

  • Added two additional income levels to the NAPIS survey.

Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Created a new daily meal label for Newark Senior Center (5260C).

  • Expanded size of grand totals on Monthly Client Meal Counts report.

Outreach Module:

  • Reformatted Contact Notes History report and data entry screen to display more complete type and worker descriptions.

Transportation Module:

  • Statistical Report now excludes rides not scheduled with a vehicle/driver.

Maintenance Module:

  • Expanded archiving record capacity for meals.



  • Reminder to include All Clients when using the Locate button.

  • Removed Hot Keys from Client Delete process to prevent accidental deletes.

Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added a 'Reinstate' button to the Meal Calendar screen to simplify restarting a terminated client.

Congregate Dining Module:

  • Added a Summary option to the Site Recap Report.

Outreach Module:

  • Expanded Contact Type field.

Transportation Module:

  • Added an expanded version of the 5310 Report that includes statistics by ride purpose.



  • Updated Health Screen Primary Diagnosis Code list to reflect new ICD10 codes.

Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added option to show both Dietary Exceptions and Special Instructions on List Format of Daily Route Card Report.

Transportation Module:

  • Route Overview Screen - Added Print Preview button that creates a new report of all Active and Pending rides for the selected date.



  • Activated Min/Max button to allow use of dual monitors. Seniors can now be resized and moved between two monitors.



  • Increased Meal Price field size for Home Delivered Meals and Third Party Payers.

Transportation Module:

  • Increased Fare amount field size.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Users can now export route maps to MapQuest. This feature is available to all Home Delivered Meals users. Note - MS MapPoint users can continue to use MapMaker in the short term, but the maps will eventually become obsolete as MS has discontinued support for MapPoint.

  • A new Weekly Route Card has been added in Monday thru Sunday format.

Congregate Dining Module:

  • Short-cut keys have been activated for all screens.

  • A Client Birthday list/labels report has been added.

Transportation Module:

  • Users can now export route maps to MapQuest. Note - MS MapPoint users can continue to use MapMaker in the short term, but the maps will eventually become obsolete as MS has discontinued support for MapPoint.

  • The Passenger Birthday Report no longer includes terminated clients.

  • Increased field sizes for miles totals on the 5310 Report.

  • A new Route Overview screen shows active and pending rides across all routes for a day.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added a new Master Client Meals List to User Custom Reports for MOW of Macon County.

  • Added a new Meal Exception Label and Report to User Custom Reports for TLC Meals on Wheels.

Volunteer Module:

  • Modified the Termination process for Transportation Drivers to make sure the termination date was added to all appropriate fields.


Accounts Receivable Module:

  • Added the ability to post Credit Memos to accounts with zero and negative balances.

  • Expanded the Check# field on the Payment Screen to 8 characters.

  • Added option to the TPP Statements to change the date field labels to "End Billing Date" and "Transaction Date".

  • Expanded the Provider Client ID to 14 characters on the TPP Statements report.


  • Added the Veteran Status to the People Browse Screen.

Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added a link to Health at the bottom of the Meal Calendar Screen next to Dietary Exceptions.

  • Changed the sort order to descending on the Temporary Stops Screen.

  • Added an option on the Meal Clients Master List for "Clients with Meals Between" date range.

  • Added a column to the Meal Clients Birthday report indicating if the client is on a temporary stop.

Outreach Module:

  • Added an Actual Income field to the Outreach Details screen.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added an option to the "Connecticut X12 Export" to include the IAS Custom ID.

Transportation Module:

  • Updated the age calculation on the "Passenger Birthdays" report.

Volunteer Module:

  • Updated the age calculation on the "Volunteer Birthdays" report.


Transportation Module:

  • Resolved a printer selection issue with the "Third Party Payer" & "Client/Alternate Payers" billing reports.

  • Added blank lines for odometer readings to the bottom of the driver "Route Sheet" report.



  • Added the Medical Assistance Identifier and Primary Diagnosis fields to the "Health" screen.

Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added a Page Break by Route option to the Detail Kitchen Report.

  • Added an option to the Full Route Card report to show the payer type.

  • Added "X12 Export" to User Custom Reports for Connecticut programs billing via CTDSS.

Transportation Module:

  • Updated age calculation used for the "Ride Counts" and "Statistical" reports.


  • Added "Diagnosis Codes" button at the top of the "Preferences" menu.


  • Added process to update client ages when the last user exits the system.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added a new NAPIS Scores export to User Custom Reports for Ramsey County, MN.

  • Update to Client Termination with open temp stop released in version 7.6.8.

Transportation Module:

  • Modified Fare drop-down list on Reservation Payer Tab to sort alphabetically.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Modified the User Custom Reports IAS Export for CW Resources.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • When Meals clients are terminated, open temp stops are automatically ended.

Transportation Module:

  • The program prevents creation of a return trip with a different date from it's originating ride.

  • We simplified the Standing Order delete process.

  • Added two Passenger Labels options; "All Active (Non-Terminated) Clients", and "Clients with service between two dates".

  • New report, "Rides Missing Assignments", allows you to list rides missing drivers or vehicles.

  • Added a warning message for Scheduled Closings. Requires adding new holiday records (do not edit the previous years closings).

Volunteer Module:

  • When you terminate a Transportation volunteer the program checks for any Agency or Individual driver jobs scheduled after the termination date. If any are found, the user is informed they must resolve these assignments. The same applies for temp stopping these volunteers.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added Avery 5260B Meal label with the following changes (Sponsored by LaPorte City MOW):

    • Increased the font size to 12pt

    • Removed the client address line.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added "Choice Meals" as a program option (Sponsored by Broward County MOW).

    • A weekly frozen full menu choice option for client paid meals

    • Available to new programs or programs not using meal type 3

  • Added options to List Route Card to include either Special Instructions or Dietary Exceptions.

  • Added Help Key reminder to all screen headers.

  • Clarified annual update instructions for Holiday Closings.

  • Relocated "Meal Names" function to Maintenance screen.


  • Added an option to Client Labels to specify Third Party Payers.

Outreach Module:

  • Users can now add to the Contact Type List.

  • Contacts can now be listed by date range and type.

Transportation Module:

  • Passenger Birthday Report added to Reports Menu.

  • Canceling or deleting a ride now releases the volunteer driver for another assignment.

  • Reservation screen now displays client termination status and wheelchair requirement.

  • Added option to include client phone number on Driver Log (manifest).


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Expanded month-end close instructions.

Transportation Module:

  • Added Long Term Route Assignment feature for drivers who drive same vehicle/route every day.

  • Corrected Standing Order delete to include modified rides within a Standing Order.


  • Changes to prevent extra breaks on the "Monthly Meals Report".

  • Added a new NAPIS survey form, MN Metro 2009, with corresponding registration input screen.

Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added a new CCCI export format to User Custom Reports for CW Resources (creates a record for each day).

Transportation Module:

  • Add new feature for importing MNET CSV reservations file as well as an "MNET Trip" report and "MNET Error" report.

  • This version has also added a few fields to existing tables and created 1 new table.

Congregate Dining Module:

  • Corrected conflicts among the "Walkins", "New Client", "Locate", and "Browse" buttons on the "Post Event Attendance" screen.


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Prevent users from attempting to assign an alternate route as the client's only route.

  • Modifications to two User Custom Reports for Manatee.


  • Re-activated the module checklist that warns users of client activity when a Delete is requested.

Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added an option to print one label per client instead of one label per meal on the "Meal Labels" screen.

Congregate Dining Module:

  • On the Roster, include extra blank lines at the bottom of the report instead of on a separate page.

Query Maker:

  • Added three date fields to the Query Maker Dictionary; Cong Events:Date, Cong Activity:Date, and Cong Order:Date.


Accounts Receivable Module:

  • Added the client ID to Third Party Payer statements.

  • Allow Third Party Payer payments to be posted by client on the "Payment" screen and "Payment Register".

Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Add a temporary header message to the daily Route Card for specific route content.



  • Expanded the Client ID and Provider ID field sizes from 5 digits to 8 digits; allowing for more clients in the database.



  • Fixed the feature that allows users to print a blank NAPIS Form.


Billing / Accounts Receivable:

  • Apply monthly donation logic to all three meal types.

  • Reminder notices can now include a monthly total meal count (additional merge option).

Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Added the "AASCC Statements" report into the Custom Reports section for CW Resources.


  • Added the ability to import a signature for the AASCC Third Party Statements report (for CW Resources).


MapMaker Module:

  • Updated the "Route Overview" capacity from 50 to 95 Routes.

Accounts Receivable Module:

  • Added the new report sequence option "By Zip Code / Client" and the "Exclude Credit Balances" to the "Statements" report.


Accounts Receivable Module:

  • Updated the current balance on the "Adjustment", "Payments", and "Posting" screens to total all transactions and not just the open items.

7.4.0 12/2008

MapMaker Module:

  • Mapmaker can now be used with MapPoint 2009! Modified the code to load 50 custom icons into MapPoint 2009.

  • The screen will now display the start/end location of a route if one exists when the route is selected.

Transportation Module:

  • Added Client billing and client alternate payers.

  • Modified the Save command concerning options for standing orders on terminated clients.

  • Modified the reports "Ride Counts," "5310 Information," and "Statistical Information" to reconcile correctly.

Query Maker:

  • Added 11 files to the Query Maker dictionary.


  • Added internal Person ID to the People screen.

  • Added code to turn on the Save/Cancel buttons if the Terminate Reason field is changed.


  • Modified functions to prevent error in Maintenance Mass Update utility.

Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • Created a form that allows the user to enter start/end addresses for HDM routes run from distributed drop-off sites.

  • Added warning if second statement message is likely to over-run the print space limit.

Accounts Receivable Module:

  • Added label to display Client ID.

  • Added menu button "Find By ID" to locate clients. 

  • Added report options "Print Statement Logo" and "Show as Donation. 

  • Added two new statement options, one for Clients and one for Third Party Payers, which will display the company logo instead of the company information at the top center of the statement.


  • Added form that allows you to load the statement report logo into the database.




Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • On the Meals Calendar, Totals button no longer resets Meals check box on People screen.

  • Fixed error that was placing  ".F." in the limitations listbox where there were no limitations for a client.

  • Fixed initialization error when first entering Volunteer from people screen.  

  • Included label option LABELBLANK SS71-P (MEAL5163) format for all users.

  • User Custom Report "VOA Monthly Activity Roster"  -  Now excludes any Third Party Paid meals that NSIP clients may have received. Eligibility is now determined by NSIP status, not age.

  • User Custom Report "Ramsey Monthly Activity Roster"  -  Now excludes any Third Party Paid meals that NSIP clients may have received.  

  • "CW TPP Statements"  screen - Added code to check for Third Party Payers and issue a message if no Third Party Payers exist.

Accounts Receivable Module:

  • The History button on the "View Account Transactions Screen" now includes all transaction amounts when calculating the Total instead of just the open items.

MapMaker Module:

  • Users can now exit the MapPoint screens directly with the "x" button.

Transportation Module:

  • "Route Schedules"  screen - The Daily Resources tab now excludes all but Active status rides when determining if all rides fit in the scheduled route.

  • When using "Map Route button, users can now exit the MapPoint screens directly with the "x" button.

  • "Passenger Schedules" screen - added code to refresh the screen information after adding Emergency information. 

  • Added third decimal place to mileage rates on Agency Rates and Driver Information screens.




Completely Revised and Expanded Help File! 


Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • "People" screen now features Hispanic dropdown box, allowing easy selection of Hispanic clients.

  • Preferred Route dropdown list on the "Volunteer Schedules" screen is now sorted alphabetically.

  • Weekly Route Card Report fields for Wednesday now expanded to allow 3 digits.

  • The RCC Custom "Activity Roster" now allows for 8 numeric characters. 

  • Print Preview and Save buttons now activate correctly on "Route Order" screen.

  • Print Preview on "Client Statements" labels now shows all records (non A/R module clients).

Transportation Module:

  • Map Preferences button now on Route Schedule screen, allowing quick access to map options.

Accounts Receivable Module:

  • The Aged Receivables Report is now available in two versions.

    The "Current Status" report gives balances from the requested period as-of the date you run the report, and is intended to support collections activity.

    The "As of Month-End" report creates an audit tool showing aged receivables as they were on the selected month-end date. Choose this option with zero and credit balances as shown below to tie to totals on the "A/R Recap" report.




Home Delivered Meals Module:

  • "Create Meals" calendar utility is now more explicit about handling of clients already scheduled.

  • "Additional Meals" feature in Meals Calendar Utilities corrected for clients with no meal scheduled.

  • Temporary Stops now show history and permit updates of multiple stops.

  • Hispanic/Latino check box and optional Services list added to the NAPIS 2004 survey form.

  • Weekly route card expanded for more than 9 meals per client per day.

  • Third Party Payer Meal Count Report totals expanded to allow 6 significant digits. 

  • User Custom Reports includes a new Third Party Payer statement for CW Resources, and a new secure zip utility for Ramsey Consortium file exports.

Accounts Receivable Module:

  • Debit memos that exceed the account debit balance will now post as a single positive transaction.

  • Users may now choose to run the Aged Receivables Report as of period-end or current date.

Congregate Dining Module:

  • Eliminated calendar tool-tip error that affected programs with multiple sites.

Transportation Module:

  • Statistical Report now prints inactive (zero) categories.

  • Users may now run multiple route card formats in the same work session.

  • Route card meal type names now match user custom names.

  • Meal calendar update corrected on 'do not replace existing' option.

  • Stop Order Change on initial client setup now saves correctly.

  • Full Outreach field list added to query maker and access to medical information tied to security privileges.

  • Client consent form added to Outreach module.

  • User Custom Reports field additions for Ramsey County MN.

  • Client termination status for all services now appears on People screen.

  • Restrict volunteer counts on HDM statistics report to volunteers w/ HDM activity.

  • Added custom label Online #01725 (1.475" X 4") to replace discontinued Avery label on all label prints.

  • Ride Express transportation module added to menus and options (see to learn how to acquire this module).
  • MapMaker interference with error handling and reports menus corrected.

  • Reindexing issue ("Cannot resolve backlink") eliminated.
  • Accounts receivable adjustment transactions now clear completely.

  • Re-ordered selection parameters for "Create Meals" function to specify clients before date range.

  • Changed "Church" to "Place of Worship" on Intake screen.

  • Increased font size on client statements.
  • Changed NAPIS survey fonts to Arial for easier reading.

  • Change to prevent users from running "Create Meals" with no meals specified.

  • Used narrow font to improve formatting of Avery 5163 labels.



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